Ceramic coating a brand new BMW M140i Shadow Edition

Ceramic coating a brand new BMW M140i Shadow Edition

We had this BMW M140i Shadow Edition in last week for a new car protection detail, and the owner opted for every protection package that we offer.

This car was treated to a stage 1 machine polish to remove all minor defects and swirl marks. The paintwork was then protected with Gtechniq CSL and ExoV4, wheels and brake callipers were coated with Gtechniq C5 with a topping of Gtechniq C2V3, plastics and rubber trims in the engine bay were protected with Gtechniq C4, windows had Gtechniq G1 applied. The leather seats, arm rest and door cards were protected with CarPro Cquartz Leather & Vinyl. The owner of this car now has peace of mind that every inch of his car is now protected, this will make his maintenance washes easier and help maintain the condition of the car.

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