AIRTEC Motorsport Front Mount Intercooler for Fiesta MK8 ST200 1.5

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AIRTEC Motorsport Front Mount Intercooler for Fiesta Mk8 ST-200

The perfect upgrade for standard or re-mapped cars.

The AIRTEC intercooler features our proven race quality bar and plate core, proven to our perform its lighter weight tune and fin competitor.

AIRTEC intercooler features:

  • 1x Huge intercooler with flowed cast end tanks, less welding and a stronger intercooler.
  • Comes complete with full fitting instructions
  • No cutting or drilling required to fit
  • AIRTEC logo’d cast end tanks
  • Proven power increases for fast road & track
  • Available in satin black or motorsport silver

Between 8-12bhp gains seen on a stage 1 car!

Perfect size upgraded intercooler to compliment stage 1 software.

Consistent cold side temps on back to back runs seeing just 3-5°C rise compared to stock 15°C+, removing over 140°C from charge temps.

Core size std vs AIRTEC
STD volume:
690 x 135 x 65 = 6L

AIRTEC volume:
700 x 150 x 80 = 8.4L
= 40% bigger than stock!

Registered Design Right Number: 6064602