BMW M135i VUDU Software

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BMW M135i M235i Stage 1 Requirements And Figures:-

  • 390-400bhp (Fuel Grade dependant)
  • Designed for use with Stock M135i (Charge pipe upgrade recommended)
  • Recalibrated Sports Displays
  • Optional Cold Start Delete

We highly recommend the use of a Chargepipe upgrade for this model the N55 BMW engine is notorious for breaking the stock OEM plastic charge pipe. Please select yes if you would like us to supply and fit at the point of your remap.

Requirements For BMW M135i M235i Stage 2 Tuning:-

  • VUDU Performance Front Mount Intercooler
  • VUDU Air Filter
  • Decat Downpipe Or Sportscat Downpipe
  • Charge pipe Upgrade

We offer our ECU calibration to work with other manufacturers however we do recommend sticking to quality products over entry level hardware if you wish to make the most of your remap.

Figures And Features:-

  • 420-430bhp (Fuel Quality Dependant)
  • Optional Pop And Bang Map (sport mode only)
  • Recalibrated Sports Display 
  • Optional Cold Start Delete 
  • V-Maxx Removal

BMW M135i Stage 3 Remap Essentials:-

  • Front Mount Intercooler
  • Drop In Air Filter / Induction Kit
  • Decat Downpipe | Sports Cat
  • Cat Back Exhaust System
  • Upgraded Fuel Pump (We recommend and Supply Dorch Engineering)

You can expect ultimate drive ability with our stage 3 on your M135i along with an pulse racing improvement in power and torque whilst keeping the curve smooth. We have worked tirelessly to ensure we keep as close to manufacturer safety setting when creating the ECU remap as possible.

Our Software also re calibrates to suit the new high pressure fuel pump.

Applicable Stage 3 Hybrid Turbos:-

  • TTE550 Hybrid Turbo
  • Pure Turbo Stage 2
  • AET Turbos Stage 2

Quoted stage 3 Power figures range for each of the turbos above from 500-550bhp depending on hardware used and turbo choice. We have developed for all three turbochargers shown to ensure we have a polished calibration.