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M2 Remap Software - VUDU Performance

Our BMW M2 remap software has been regarded across the globe with serious attention to detail and astonishing power results our engineering team have developed ECU remaps for the BMW M2 that owners can believe in.

BMW M2 Stage 1 Remap:-

Our Stage 1 remap for the popular N55 powered OG M2 is developed to work in harmony with completely stock hardware with options for different fuel grades. We do however recommend the use of shell V-Power or Tesco 99 fuel.

We use the latest ECUTEK data logger allowing for highspeed data logs live whilst we are tuning your BMW. This allows us to check many of the parameters we change in our ECU remaps and ensure a healthy and reliable result.

As per our development program we typically spend in excess of 40 hours to produce a stage 1 remap and for the BMW M2 we actually where over this target. We then conduct our on road testing of the map to ensure we have something extremely well polished and ready to install to our customers car.

Power Figures And Features 

  • 410-415bhp 445-455Ib (98RON Fuel)
  • Cold Start Delete Option 
  • Updated Sports Display

BMW M2 Stage 2 Remap:-

The stage 2 BMW M2 remap has been developed on our own demo car utilising our own VUDU N55 front mount intercooler coupled with optional decat downpipes or sports cats and a VUDU drop in panel filter. Owning our own N55 engined BMW allowed us to put a major focus on increasing power and torque over our stage 1 remap whilst retaining our renowned reliability.

With our M2 stage 2 remap you require the following hardware as a minum.

  • Front Mount Intercooler 
  • Decat Downpipe Or Sports Cat 
  • Drop In Air Filter 
  • Upgraded Charge Pipe
  • VUDU Stage 2 Software 

Power Figures And Features:-

  • 420-430bhp 460-470Ib (98ron Fuel)
  • Optional Pop And Bang Map
  • Re Calibrated Sports Display
  • Cold Start Delete

Both our stage 1 and stage 2 remap's for BMW M2 are available using our Home Flash device which allows the owner to have access to up to five of our BMW remaps all on one tuning device which requires no laptop or internet connection once the tool is loaded to program the car.


BMW M2 Stage 3 Remap:-

We have developed outstanding stage 3 remap software for the BMW M2 with power options up to 580bhp with the correct race fuel used. Our Stage 3 software is designed to run with two of the most popular hybrid turbos for the N55 engine.

The stock engine is capable of running in excess of 500bhp without issue providing the software is well developed and the maintenance schedule adhered to strictly.

All of our stage 3 remaps require the car for up to seven working days for us to write a custom remap from our existing base tunes. 

Avaialble Stage 3 Turbo Tunes:-

  • Pure Turbos 800
  • TTE580 Hybrid Turbo