Extended Exterior Wash

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Our extended exterior wash includes our basic exterior wash, which involves using high quality products from brands such as Gtechniq, Bilt Hamber, Auto Glym, Auto Smart, CarPro etc... alongside safe methods and techniques.

It begins with a pre-rinse and snow foam with PH neutral products.

We then use the 3BM (three bucket method) this involves using two separate buckets for the paintwork wash process (rinse and wash buckets) with a safe wash mitt, and a separate bucket and wash mitt/brushes for the face of the wheels wheels.

In addition to the 3BM, the final rinse down of the car is completed with filtered 0ppm water (tested daily) using high quality water filters. This prevent water spots by purifying the water, this improves the drying stage of the wash where swirl marks are often inflicted. 

In addition to the above, our extended exterior wash includes, cleaning faces and barrels of wheels, with attention to the wheel arches. Door shuts are rinsed. Tyres and any plastic trims are dressed. Light paintwork sealant/wax is applied during the drying process.

*Prices are shown as: small/medium/large - Size examples, small = Audi A1, medium = Audi A4, large = Audi Q5