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Focus ST Diesel Remap VUDU Performance

Our Tuning packages for the Ford Focus ST TDCI have over five years in the market with massive success. We developed our Focus ST TDCI remaps when the car first hit the UK market. Starting with our stage 1 remap which was designed specifically to work with the 2.0 TDCi engine and its stock OEM components.

We optimised the engine calibration to give a solid lift in power and torque whilst keeping all OEM safety features in place and complimenting the overall driving experience. Unlike many tuning companies, we are fortunate enough to have our own in house dyno facility this consists of a 2000whp Dynapack hub dyno which is far more accurate and consistent than a typically used rolling road.

Focus ST Diesel Remap Stage 1 Features:-

  • 230-235bhp & 355-360Ib
  • Specifically designed to work with OEM hardware
  • Optimised For Fuel Economy
  • DPF Delete Not Required

For many the idea of adding some Focus ST diesel mods to their economical family car gives a great sense of satisfaction and our ST Diesel stage 2 package compliments that greatly. We quickly realised that the Focus ST Diesel had some serious potential if we were to add some performance modifications and further enhanced our tuning remap to complement the performance modifications.

Our VUDU Performance focus st diesel stage 2 remap quickly became a hit. With a further considerable jump in power and torque and a slight lift in exhaust system tone due to the removal of the DPF we have developed something that can almost certainly outperform the petrol Focus ST in almost all areas.

During testing we found that upgraded air filters were not possible due to maf scaling on the Delphi ECU platform and even with our ECU remapping it would require rescaling sensors for no performance benefit which was counterproductive.

The DPF in this platform is a restriction point so removing the internals reduced back pressure and allowed for cooler EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) which means we could up the boost pressure and introduce a little more timing.

With the increased demand we realised the stock intercooler required an upgrade to keep charge temperatures under control. This is achieved with a front mount intercooler which allows the whole tuning package to work in harmony.

Focus ST Diesel Remap Stage 2 Features:-

  • 245-250bhp & 375Ib
  • DPF Delete Required
  • Front Mount Intercooler Required
  • Hard Cut Limiter
  • Left Foot Braking