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Focus ST MK3 Remap Software

Our Range of Focus ST remap software has been developed over three years with an emphasis on driving experience over peak power figures. We have developed performance software to encourage under the curve power and torque ultimately propelling the focus ST250 to speed much quicker than pushing for peak power. This has proven time and time again with a consistent level of cars being flashed around the world.

We spent months data logging our ECU remap using our hub dyno over a rolling road to shape the driveability of our software over the competition. This has resulted in a powerful and driveable software solution.

Focus ST Stage 1 Remap:-

The stage 1 Ford Focus ST software upgrade is designed specifically to work perfectly on a standard car extracting the performance left of the table by Fords tuning engineers to keep a clear parity between the MK3 Focus ST and Focus RS..

We have options only for 99ron fuel quality due to the nature of the 2.0l EcoBoost engine weaknesses.

Should you decide to invest in an induction kit this will allow you to run our stage 1 plus ECU remap.

  • Expected Gains 275-280bhp hardware depending
  • Designed to optimise power with stock hardware
  • Should be used only with Shell V-Power or Tesco 99
  • Can be tuned as stage 1+ with an induction kit

This particular Ford Focus ST 250 remap can be updated to our stage 2 software at a reduced cost in the future. The upgrade fee is £149.00

Focus ST Stage 2 Remap:-

Our Focus Stage 2 software is for the serious enthusiast comprising of a basic hardware list you can expect to see healthy gains over our existing stage 1. This Focus ST Mk3 tuning package has the potential to see close to 300bhp and a massive 350Ib with a stunning power and torque curve ensuring the ultimate driving experience.

The Ford Focus ST250 already has a great chassis that is capable of daily driving or the odd track day. With our stage 2 tuning package it makes it into a car to be admired.

Stage 2 package requirements:-

  • Cat Back Exhaust System
  • Induction Kit
  • Decat Downpipe Or Sports Cat
  • Front Mount Intercooler (VUDU Intercooler Preferred)

Focus ST Stage 3 Remap Package:-

Our Focus ST stage 3 kit is the ultimate in performance upgrade. Comprising our own VUDU Performance Hybrid turbo we have achieved in excess of 340bhp with this Focus ST hybrid turbo kit. Not for the faint hearted we believe this to be one of the best Focus ST MK3 hybrid turbo kits available right now.

With hundreds of hours research and development, we have created a hybrid turbo and ECU remap package that is consistent on the stock car although do air caution when it comes to the stock 2.0 EcoBoost engine. This engine is known for its weak ring lands and can fail even at stock power levels.

  • Stage 3 supporting hardware required
  • 330-345bhp hardware depending
  • Hard Cut Limit

Due to the nature of this product it is only available through our network of trusted dealers or via our own garage facility in Wakefield. Please order online and one of our representatives will contact you to book in.