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The Haldex coupling is part of the four-wheel-drive system on most VAG group vehicles. If you have a VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda with four-wheel drive, it is likely that it uses the Haldex coupling, which needs to be serviced regularly. When servicing the Haldex we only use genuine VWAG oil and we always perform Basic Settings (reset) to the Haldex control unit through VCDS where applicable. 

The Haldex system should be serviced at least every 20,000 miles. For modified vehicles running higher power or track-focused vehicles, we would recommend more regular servicing. 

It is important to service the Haldex system, dirty oil can cause excessive wear on the Haldex coupling, causing premature failure, and reducing the performance of your car.

Depending on the Haldex generation your vehicle has, it may also have a strainer/gauze which can become blocked. It is imperative to keep on top of servicing these, as a blocked strainer will impact the performance and lead to eventual failure.

If you are unsure which Haldex Generation your vehicle has, please get in touch here.

Haldex Generation 5 Service. This includes an oil change and strainer/gauze clean. Generation 5 is found on the MQB platform, including the MK7 Golf, A3/S3 8V, TTS, Seat Leon, Skoda Octavia, etc...

Haldex Generation 4 Service. This includes an oil change. Filter change is available for an additional cost. Generation 4 is found on the MK6 Golf, Facelift A3/S3 8P Quattro, TT-RS, Volkswagen Tiguan and a few other models

Haldex Generation 2 Service. This includes an oil change and filter change. Generation 2 is found on the Golf MK5 R32, Pre-Facelift A3/S3 8P Quattro, and a few other models

Haldex Generation 1 Service. This includes an oil change and filter change. Generation 1 is found on the Audi TT MK1, S3 8L, Bora 4motion, and Golf MK4 4motion as well as a few other models.

Haldex 'VAQ' Front Differential Haldex Oil Change and Pump Strainer Clean. This includes an oil change and strainer/gauze clean. Haldex Front Differential is found on the Front Wheel Drive MK7 Golf GTI, MK3 Leon Cupra, Skoda Octavia, etc...