VUDU Chassis Lockdown Alignment Kit for Fiesta MK8 ST

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Introducing a world first for the Fiesta ST MK8 the Fiesta ST180- the VUDU subframe alignment kit.

After checking the subframe alignment to the body when removing the front subframe bolts on our very own Fiesta ST MK8 and fiesta st180 demo car, we were astonished at how far adrift the subframe was sitting in comparison to the body.

In come the VUDU engineers to develop a top hat locator for both the main subframe and front subframe bolts on our fiesta ST MK8 with amazing results. This is an absolute must for any serious owner.


Simple- ask any race team how important a square chassis to subframe set up is prior to making adjustments to toe, camber and caster. Essentially, left without this kit your alignment is set up wrong to compensate for a non square chassis.

Treat your Fiesta ST MK8 to the perfect first mod before starting your tuning journey


AREO SPACE T6061 Billet Machined aluminium
Top hat design to ensure perfect location
Hard anodised for durability

Laser Etch VUDU branding