VUDU Oil Catch Can for Fiesta MK8 ST

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VUDU Performance does not play for second best, as evident with their latest unique creation, the new MK8 Fiesta ST Oil Catch Can. Constructed from Aerospace T6 quality billet aluminium, and finished with the prestigious VUDU logo, this is one upgrade that looks as stunning as it performs.

Protect the longevity of your 1.5l EcoBoost engine and look good doing it. The Fiesta ST MK8 Catch Can is an essential first upgrade to ensure the health of your direct injection engine. The VUDU Oil Catch Can prevent the build-up of carbon on the intake manifold valves by collecting oil and moisture through the vacuum system.

What makes the VUDU Catch Can Unique?
Despite its stunning billet aluminium looks, the VUDU Catch Can have a unique edge over other catch cans such as the Mishimoto oil catch can fiesta st, and the AIRTEC catch can, which is its hoses.

VUDU Performance has worked closely with the Ford manufacturers to design the oil-resistant, plastic nylon hoses, that directly clip to the OE fitment, which creates a non-leak, permanent seal. Other catch cans use a hose that slides onto the connectors and uses jubilee clips to keep it in place.

MK8 Fiesta ST Oil Catch Can Worth it?
Ford's range of EcoBoost engines is among a long line of direct injection engines (the injector is under high pressure and fires fuel directly into the cylinder) that inherently suffer from valve choking due to the oil build up around the cylinder head and valves.

Couple this with the increased oil mist passing through the intake and cooling system of your Ford Fiesta ST180 leaves unnecessary build-up within the pipework, intercooler, turbo and inlet manifold. The VUDU Oil Catch Can Kit is without a doubt a MUST HAVE item to prevent any of these unnecessary problems from occurring.

Aerospace T6 Billet aluminium construction
The adapter has an Allen key socket head that prevents spanner rashing
Unique plastic nylon hoses designed with OE clips for a permanent seal
Prevents carbon build-up on intake valves
Finished with the prestigious VUDU Logo
Improved engine bay aesthetics