VUDU Stage 1 Remap Tuning Package - Audi S1 8V

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Audi S1 Stage 1 VUDU Software 

The overlooked Audi S1 is in our opinion one of the most underrated hot-hatches active on the road. The VUDU Performance Audi S1 remap software pushes this car to the next level. Our Audi S1 remap software has been through hours of extensive research and development to get to where it is now. It has been put to the test on our DYNO hub and has experienced 100's miles of road use.

Our software has been designed with power and reliability in mind. Our VUDU software promises to deliver a huge increase in power and torque, whilst maintaining the OEM driving feel.

We develop all our ECU remaps on high-quality fuel, such as Shell V-Power and Tesco Momentum 99 octane. Therefore, we highly recommend using this fuel in order to reach the projected power figures. The higher octane fuel has fewer additives, which means it burns cleaner, delivering more bang for your buck.

  • 300bhp Fuel Quality Depending
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Designed to work with a totally stock car
  • Remote Tuning Available

Our Stage 1 calibration for the 2.0 TFSI has been developed for a completely stock vehicle, featuring no aftermarket hardware. We have managed to safely push the stock vehicle to 300BHP. The Audi S1 Stage 1 remap safely touches the limit of the stock hardware, so you have peace of mind.

Here at VUDU Performance, we pride ourselves on the power and reliability of our software. Our top priority is ensuring the engine's safety, not cutting corners sacrificing standard safety features for more power.

The Audi S1, the younger sibling to the S3 is often overlooked, and in turn, has become a rare hot-hatch. Although currently discontinued, the Audi S1 features the 2.0 TFSI engine, out of the factory producing an impressive 231bhp and 370nm. The car only weighs 1300KG, meaning the power to weight ratio is 126.9kw/tonne.