VUDU Stage 1 Remap Tuning Package - VW Polo GTi MK6

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VUDU Performance VW Polo GTI 2.0 TSI Remap Stage 1 VP235.

Are you left unsatisfied by the new Polo GTI 2.0 TSI engine power? The VUDU Polo GTI Stage 1 Remap Software is the solution to your problem. Taking that stock 200BHP engine and fine-tuning it so it can reliably produce 235BHP.

The VUDU Performance software team have been developing this Stage 1 ECU remap for the last couple of months ensuring it produces the maximum amount of power whilst still retaining the stock reliability.

Depending on whether or not your Polo GTI has a manual gearbox or an automatic you will want to consider upgrading the TCU to ensure the automatic gearbox is calibrated correctly to the increase in power. 

VUDU VP235 POLO GTI Remap Stage 1 = 235BHP

The VUDU Stage 1 software is the perfect first MK6 Polo GTI mod to begin your tuning journey as it provides a considerable power increase without the need for any hardware add-ons.

This software upgrade will take your Volkswagen Polo GTI from 200BHP and 235 lb-ft to a whopping 235BHP and 310lbs / ft as well as increasing the fuel economy.

**You must be running Vpower or Tesco 99 fuel.**