VUDU Stage 3 Remap Tuning Package - VW Polo GTi MK5

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VUDU Ultimate Stage 3 Remap Tuning Package for the VW Polo GTI 1.8TSI (IS38)

The VUDU Stage 3 Remap Tuning Package provides everything you need to take your VW Polo GTI to a level you didn't know was possible from Stage 3!

The IS38 Turbo found on the Golf R stock vehicle can now be transferred onto the VW Polo 6c GTI with devastating effectiveness. As the GTI 1.8tsi engine is essentially a de-stroked version of the EA888 found in the MQB platform cars the results of installing an IS38 turbo to your Polo GTI 1.8 TSI is incredible with options up to 400bhp.

Our Engine ECU remap software has been carefully developed to offer levels of tuning from 370bhp to 400bhp whilst retaining many stock safety features and keeping all that power and torque under control through the front wheels.

With an emphasis on control, we have spent months combing through our ECU calibration to ensure we have created the pinnacle of IS38 Polo GTI remaps right out of the box.

Stage 2 Tuning Package Remap Figures

Stock Power: 203bhp/225ftlb

Stage 2 Figures: 370-400bhp/315ftlb 

Supporting mods are required for the stage3 software, which include: 

All stage 2 supporting mods, 99RON Fuel quality (Shell V power, Tesco Momentum), optional Golf R fuel pump to achieve 400, upgraded clutch

We have two options of Polo GTI IS38 remaps based on the use of a Golf R fuel pump. The limitation after 370bhp on the Polo is the fuel system which is unable to deliver the fuel flow required to increase boost pressure. This essentially means the upper limit is circa 370bhp. With the addition of a Golf R fuel pump which delivers a significant fuel flow increase, we are able to safely increase the wastegate duty cycle and create extra boost pressure to reach circa 400bhp.

Please note manual gearbox cars require an upgraded clutch to run this IS38 stage 3 software the OEM VW clutch will not be able to hold the torque provided from this remap. DSG cars will be torque limited to avoid damage to the gearbox we cannot remap the ECU without the DSG gearbox remap also for stage 3.

All our stage 3 remaps have to be installed at an approved dealer or our headquarters in Wakefield West Yorkshire. This is due to the nature of the data logging and data acquisition required to ensure the car is running perfectly with the IS38 turbo installed.