We utilise only the safest washing techniques and procedures, this helps improve the condition of your paintwork. We are able to offer a wide range of detailing services, from basic safe washes to multi-stage paint corrections and ceramic coatings. Below is a package list for our valeting services, if you cannot find a specific service or would like a custom service/package please get in touch with us here. We can offer a free collection and delivery service if you are local to Warrington, Runcorn, Widnes, Lymm, etc...

 Prices are shown as: small/medium/large - size examples, small = Audi A1, medium = Audi A4, large = Audi Q5

One Day Paintwork Enhancement £200 (1 day) Incl full exterior decontamination. Paintwork is machine polished with the aim to remove light imperfections from the paintwork, improve gloss and depth in the paintwork. Paintwork is sealed and protected with a ceramic wax.
Minor Paintwork Correction £350 (2-3 days) Incl one day paintwork enhancement. Further two stage polishing process to remove and reduce 70% of imperfections from the paintwork, including swirl marks, light scratches, etchings (water marks, tree sap, bird droppings, etc…). This will improve the gloss and depth on your paintwork massively, leaving your car in showroom condition.
Major Paint Correction £550 (3-5 days)

Incl minor paintwork correction. This involves a three stage polishing process with the aim to remove 90% of imperfections from the paintwork. Deeper marks and scratches will be tended do, and a further polishing stage to enhance the gloss and depth of the paintwork. This service is as good as it gets without sanding or re-painting your vehicle, the paintwork will be in better than showroom condition.

Ceramic Wax/Sealant from £30

This provides protection to your paintwork for 3-6 months, it will help repel dirt and add hydrophobic properties whilst improving the gloss improving the gloss of your paintwork. This can be added to any of our services.

Window Coating from £50

This will add extreme hydrophobic properties to your windows, causing the water to ‘beed’ off at speeds above 40MPH* reducing the need for your wipers and improving visibility of the road. In addition to this bugs and traffic film will not stick as easily and it will make your windows stay cleaner for longer.
Paintwork Ceramic Coating from £100 This provides ‘permanent’ protection to your paintwork, which will protect it for up to 5 years depending on the select coating. It can only be applied once a minor or major paint correction has been carried out (in some cases we can apply it after a one day enhancement, but usually this only applies to new vehicles). This will make your paintwork extremely hydrophobic, whilst adding fantastic dirt repellency properties, UV protection, gloss/depth enhancement and it will help prevent light swirl marks and etchings.

Wheel Ceramic Coatings from £100

Wheel ceramic coatings are very similar to paintwork coatings, but are designed to deal with the higher temperatures produced by brakes. We offer packages for coating just the wheel faces or the entire wheel (incl the barrel) and the brake callipers too.
*This varies depending on the weather conditions, window cleanliness, the angle and size of your windscreen.

Scratch/Mark Removal from £35

Engine Bay Detail from £30

Leather Protection from £50
Leather Protection from £50

Deep Wheels Off Wheel Arch Clean from £100

Upholstery/Fabric Protection from £50



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