We utilise only the safest washing techniques and procedures, this helps improve the condition of your paintwork. We are able to offer a wide range of detailing services, from basic safe washes to multi-stage paint corrections and ceramic coatings. Below is a package list for our valeting services, if you cannot find a specific service or would like a custom service/package please get in touch with us here. We can offer a free collection and delivery service if you are local to Warrington, Runcorn, Widnes, Lymm, etc...

 Prices are shown as: small/medium/large - size examples, small = Audi A1, medium = Audi A4, large = Audi Q5

Basic Exterior Wash (30 mins) £15/20/25 Pre-wash using a PH neutral snow foam, wheel faces are cleaned, the exterior is hand washed using the three bucket method with PH neutral shampoo and a safe wash mitt, final rinse is completed with 0ppm filtered water, then dried using specialist towels.

Extended Exterior Wash (45-60 mins) £20/25/30

Incl the basic wash. Faces and barrels of wheels are cleaned, with attention to the wheel arches. Door shuts are rinsed. Tyres and any plastic trims are dressed. Light paintwork sealant/wax is applied during the drying process.
Deep Exterior Wash (60-90 mins) £25/30/35 Incl the extended wash. During the pre-wash soft brushes are used to agitate dirt in the intricate areas (in-between panels, around badges, etc…). Door shuts and wheel arches are cleaned. A safe tar remover is used to remove most tar deposits. Glass has a light hydrophobic coating applied.

Basic Interior Clean (30 mins)£10/15/20 Vacuum of seats, carpets (incl floor mats), dash and doors. Wipe down of surfaces and pedals. Interior windscreen cleaned. (Not incl boot)
Extended Interior Clean (45-60 mins) £15/20/25 Incl the basic clean. Vacuum of boot. All interior windows cleaned. All hard surfaces (dash, doors, trim pieces, pedals, etc…) cleaned. Dash and front doors dressed.
Deep Interior Clean (60-90 mins) £20/25/30 Incl the extended clean. All hard surfaces deep cleaned with interior cleaner and soft brushes. Deeper vacuum of all areas. Fabric seats lightly cleaned, leather seats lightly conditioned. All hard surfaces dressed.

Full Interior Decontamination £85/100/115 (4-6 hours) Incl deep interior clean. Carpets are shampoo’d and wet vacuumed. Fabric seats are shampoo’ed and wet vacuumed, leather seats are deep cleaned and conditioned. The seats can be removed for an additional charge to allow us to access all areas.
Full Exterior Decontamination £80/90/100 (4-6 hours) Incl deep exterior wash. All intricate areas and paintwork is fully deep cleaned with strong, but safe cleaners. Safe chemicals are used to decontaminate the paintwork further to remove tar and fallout. It is they clay barred to remove all contamination on the paintwork and glass.

*There may be an extra charge for heavily soiled interiors, or for dog hair removal.


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